Join us at 7:00pm on Saturday, April 16, for a literary + musical event to celebrate a new publication from fellow travelers Publication Studio (Troy chapter): Cream River by Douglas W. Milliken. There will be readings by the author and music from Scott Sell and Tianna Kennedy.

What is Cream River?

Eight stories about getting everydamnthing wrong. Proudly wearing your self-infliction for anyone to see. Defaulting to the lazy way out of even the easiest situation. Staring your last chance straight in the eyes and blowing it nevertheless. This pocket-sized edition of pratfalls and delusions—ranging in landscapes from rural Italy to downtown Boston—includes a digital download of Cream River‘s musical twin, the four-song EP by Blind Pelican, Whiskey Dick. Like the two halves of a black and white cookie, the book and record are a unified work, a single vision interpreted through two distinct media by two confused personae.

Douglas W. Milliken is the author of four books, including the novel To Sleep as Animals and the pocket-sized collection Cream River (both through Publication Studio). His stories have earned prizes from Glimmer TrainMcSweeney’s, and the Stoneslide Corrective, and have been published in Slice, the Collagist, and the Believer, among others. His teeth and gums are locked in a desperate war.