Full Moon Sound Bath w. Isabelle Delgrange & Stephan Martel

8/1 Tuesday, 5:30

At The West Kortright Centre

With each month comes a new full moon which represents a new stage in our own personal journey. The moon has a lot more influence over us than we are aware of, it has been an icon of love and of light conquering darkness. By following the moon and its natural cycles we too can realign ourselves and our connection with the universe.

During the session instruments are played with intuition and the nurturing intention to support clearing and to offer a space for self healing. The power of vibration rebalances the whole system on a physiological level as well as recalibrates the nervous system, bringing a sense of attunement within oneself. Using visualization to open the body to the journey within the fragmented soul, breath becomes the guide, sound becomes the wind, and together they sail to higher realms of consciousness opening the mind, the heart, and soul.

The Full Moon series takes place on 6/3, 7/3 and 8/1. Pre-registration required for each event.