In May 2020, as one of several fundraisers to support local efforts to help Delaware County residents cope with the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, we invited nearly 90 artists to donate mail art to contributors participating in Mail Art Roulette. Together, we raised over $6,200, which was distributed to food banks in Walton, Delhi, Margaretville, Stamford, and Andes/Bovina, as well as to Star Route Farm and The 607 CSA to support produce and farm goods going to local food bank. You can see some of the wonderful mail art that was sent to donors in the slideshow above.

Immense thanks to all of the participating artists and donors!! Images, in order: David Wilson (front, back), Nick George, Kate Newby (front, Back), Sharon Horvath, Chie Fueki, Molly Stevens (front, back), Jonathan Lethem, David Wilson (front, back), Angela Dufresne, Molly Stevens (front, back), David Wilson (front, back). The full list of participating artists is below. Many thanks to Angela Dufresne for proposing and helping to organize this fundraiser, and for hosting the closing night event!

Contributing Artists
Polly Apfelbaum . Michele Araujo . Richard Barlow . Hannah Barrett . Martin Basher . Hannah Beerman . Alina Bliumis . Jeff Bliumis . Elizabeth Bonaventura . Lee Boroson . Marco Breuer . Mary Carlson . Geoff Chadsey . Rebecca Chamberlain . Leona Christie . Jennifer Coates . Liz Collins . Lisa Corinne Davis . Tim Davis . EV Day . Pia Dehne . Nancy Diamond . Angela Dufresne . Joy Episalla . Louise Fishman . Leah Frankel . Chie Fueki . Tamara Gayer . Nick George . Melinda Stickney Gibson . Gary Gissler . Judy Glanztman . Tamara Gonzales . Danny Goodwin . Chris Gould . David Graham . Kirsten Hassenfeld . Jessie Henson . Michael HerstandElana Herzog . Sharon Horvath . Holly Hughes . David Humphrey . Mala Iqbal . Debera Johnson . L.A. Kaufman . Richard Kraft . Kevin Larmon . Jonathan Lethem . Charles Long . Jason Bailer Losh . Saira McLaren . Ryan Mrozowski . Bridget Mullen . Itty Neuhaus . Kate Newby . Annie NocentiBobbie Oliver . Gerry Gomez Pearlberg . Pareesa Pourian . Don Powley .  J. Morgan Puett . Helen Quinn . Jeff Quinn . Lisa Sanditz . Katia Santibanez . James Siena . Adam Simon . Guy Richards Smit . Margot Spindelman . Patricia Sprott . A.L. Steiner . Susannah Stern . Molly Stevens . Marc Swanson . Kamilla Talbot . Laura Taylor . Mercedes TeixidoMelissa Thorne . Brian Tolle . Jim Torok . Nicola Tyson . Chuck Webster . David Wilson . Trevor Wilson . Christina Hunt Wood . Carrie Yamaoka . Amy Yoes