Most documents and info lives in this Google Drive folder. Make sure you are signed in to your gmail so you can access it.


2018 Incoming (unscheduled) Programming Ideas 
Next Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Current and incoming donors (dec 2017)
Expense Sheet[not much in use, but we can start it up again!]Incoming Proposals from the community (form results)
Direct link to the event  Proposal form (to send to people who ask you how to propose an event. This is the same form that is linked to from the “Get Involved” tab on the website, the results of which can be found by the link above to “Incoming Proposals”)login:  pw: Delhi6073
Artguide Login page

1. Reserve a spot on the Google Cal, with a “?” after it.
2. Send an email to the group with some info about the event, asking if anyone objects. If no-one does within 24 hours, you can schedule the event.
3. Remove the “?” on the Google Cal and make sure the times are accurate there.
4. To get on the website calendar and homepage, fill out THIS PAGE (note: If the event is happening at Bushel, click “No location” so you don’t have to fill in the address, etc.). Your event will go live within 24 hours of filling in the page. *If you do not submit a 1000-pixel-wide image, you will not have an image on your post*

Once your event is on the website, it will be added to e-blasts and to the physical poster as timing allows (i.e., if the posting is last minute it probably won’t get much promotion, but if it is two weeks in advance, it will). You can always use Instagram to promote it last-minute!
More details on additional promotion: PR Protocol
Currently, we send the e-blast announcements to our entire list of 500+ people, but we have only been sending special press releases occasionally (mostly for the gallery exhibits) to our press list, which contains 50+ names. If you know of a press person to add to our press mailing list, you can Add a Press Contact to the PR Mailing List but be aware that they will receive a notice that they have been subscribed, so ask first for permission.

Useful links for gathering info from participants
[Gallery]: Artist Intake Form (for solo shows or curators of groups shows)
[Gallery]: Group Show Artist Intake Form (for artists in group shows)