Bushel is one year old! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your many contributions—of enthusiasm, ideas, creativity, knowledge (and cash!)—throughout the year.

We are a volunteer-run, registered nonprofit with no financial goal but to break even (some months we do, others we don’t). While we know there are many organizations deserving of your end-of-year contributions, we ask that you consider donating to support our continued existence on Main Street in Delhi.

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Over the last year our eclectic bunch of conspirators and collaborators has brought such diverse programming to Delhi as: a library and bookstore featuring DIY and contemporary poetry; exhibitions from local and far-flung artists; literary readings and storytelling events; film screenings and multi-media performances; music and dance; farmer meet-ups; art and self-defense classes; yoga, reiki, massage, and more.

Together, we have learned how electric trucks work, discussed revolutionary feminist texts, and gathered and sent supplies to the water protectors at Standing Rock. We opened a Free Store that we’ll keep operating as long as people continue to use it. And we’ve served as an evolving, accessible space for co-working, community meetings of many kinds, from shape-note singing to political resistance. We have more in store for the new year, including increased open hours, shows by artists hailing from Troy, NY to Amman, Jordan and many places between; open and curated poetry readings; experimental music performances; collaborations with SUNY Delhi, the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, and more.

We’re planning a belated birthday party for early in the new year. We hope to see you then or sooner! Love, Bushel