Open Calls

We occasionally post open calls for exhibitions curated either by Bushel or by guest curators. All open calls will be listed on this page.

OPEN CALL for “Producing Humans”
Accepting submissions through June 15, 2023
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In the winter of 2021, a collective of new parents local to Delaware County formed to create a community around the recent transition to parenthood. As new parents, they have sought to share resources and experiences and to cultivate support and friendship. Many questions arise almost immediately when starting a family. How are gender roles complicated? How is time and energy newly quantified, dissolved, reabsorbed? What value is placed on the repetitive tasks required to reproduce daily life for family and community?

Inspired by these questions, three guest curators and community members propose an open call for submission of works that examine or reflect systems of reproductive labor. They invite submissions that consider cyclical maintenance as a scaffold for domestic life, community life, and interior life.  The exhibition may explore themes such as: time as capital, the kaleidoscopic role of a caregiver, the bodily and spiritual labor of child-rearing, and the power dynamics at work within the cyclical maintenance of family and home.

Full details and submission info