“The Covid Childcare Co-op Calendar (CCCC) is a tech tool as social prompt. Using the CCCC, a group of caregivers can fairly schedule collective childcare according to their availabilities. Though it seems counter-intuitive considering what we’re up against, our social bonds are still our greatest collective asset, and they can guide a smart, functional, feminist response to our covid crisis of care. Whether it’s a small circle of friends supporting a healthcare worker by watching their kid, or a few retail employees trading off with a tiny class of 8 year olds, the CCCC makes the annoying step of making and sharing a fair joint schedule a cinch. Our hope is that this simple tool—no accounts, no registration, no stored data—prompts people to think about the next handful of months and how they can share the collective childcare burden, whether they’re someone who’s stuck with more than they can handle, or less.”