These days, we literally have the world at our fingertips. Information about pretty much any spiritual practice or tradition in the world is available to us – but how do we use that information and the incredible opportunity we have in this world of hyper-connectivity to build a meaningful, sustaining spiritual practice? And why does it even matter?

If you’ve been longing for more meaning in your life, wondering how to maintain spiritual practices outside of the “traditional” walls or community settings you’ve been accustomed to, or just curious about how to stay grounded and connected to something larger than yourself during these challenging times, this workshop is for you!

In this hour free virtual workshop, we’ll explore concrete ways to bring routine, structure, accountability and FUN (what?!) into your spiritual practices. Maybe you used to go to church but don’t have the accountability now to show up on Zoom every Sunday morning. Maybe you had a really steady yoga practice that has fallen to the wayside but you know it makes you feel SO good and you really want to get back to it. Maybe you’re just curious about what spiritual practices are out there and what might resonate with you!

I promise, you’ll be glad you spent an hour talking about and exploring ways to deepen your existing spiritual practice, or start a new one. I love this topic and am so excited to share some ideas with you!

While some of the work I do is specifically geared towards women, this workshop is open to all!

Wednesday, February 17 5 – 6 PM EST on Zoom

Please register for this free workshop here: