Don’t Sheep

Emilie Clark . James Hegge . Emily Joyce . Sade LaNay . Zach Lihatch . Kathryn Phelan . Tyler Tamburo . Trevor Wilson . tech revival

January 7 – February 26, 2023
Opening reception: Saturday, January 7, 5–7 pm
Opening reception: Saturday, February 25 7, 3–5 pm

On view during Open Hours, Bushel programs, by chance, and by appointment
(for appointments, email

How can we question, expand, tweak, tease, and heal our complex and problematic relationship with the category of the tool? How can we not [be] sheep

This group exhibition brings together works submitted in response to our Call for Proposals on the subject of “tools” with artists curated by bushel. The title is taken from Emily Joyce’s painting of the same name: a tool for falling asleep.

tech revival
As part of the exhibit we will be collaborating with our neighbors luck dragon on “tech revival,” an anti-obsolescence project to resuscitate unused digital devices for reuse, donation or recycling. If you have “outdated” electronics (especially laptops, tablets, smartphones, drives, cables) and are interested in playing a part in the exhibition, send an email to with the subject line “tech”). Collected devices will form an evolving display in the exhibition, up to their moment of attempted resuscitation on the closing weekend.