Astrodeck Workshop with Sade LaNay (Part 2)
Fri, Nov 19 - Fri, Nov 26, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


This is a two-part astrology workshop where attendees will learn the building blocks of astrological language and imagery to begin to understand and interpret their own birth charts. At the end of this workshop, participants will have created their own Astrodecks with which to visualize and demystify the stories told by the signs, houses, aspects and heavenly bodies in their individual charts and the impact of present astrological events in their lives, all in language they can understand.

Part 1 (Friday, November 12, 4-6pm)
Building a lexicon. Introduction to astrology as a system of extraterrestrial language and knowledge which offers an approach to self awareness and understanding.

Part 2 (Friday, November 19, 4-6pm)
Building a deck. Creation of the Astrodeck. Using colors, patterns, pictures and symbols to manifest the knowledge they’ve collected into a coherent visual narrative.

Part 3 (Friday, November 26, 4-6pm)

The workshop is limited to 12 participants at any given session.

Cost: $150 for all three workshops, or $75 for any single day (index cards and deck cards and mod podge included).
***preferential option for the poor/QTBIPOC:  please reach out if cost is an issue.***
venmo: @bethetta
email with questions

What to bring:
For Part 1, bring something to write with and an item that helps you feel focused or grounded.
For Part 2, bring pens, crayon, pencils, markers etc., scissors, adhesive, magazines and an item that helps you feel focused or grounded.

Sade LaNay is the author of I Love You and I’m not Dead, winner of the 2020 lambda literary award for transgender poetry. They live in Delhi and give tarot readings on Wednesday.