The Catskills Tool Library
Sat, Feb 17, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


The Catskills Tool Library is a new initiative to create a network across the Western Catskills of people interested in borrowing and lending tools, as well as be a network for anyone interested in shared purchase of tools and equipment.

Too often we buy tools we only need for a one-time project or don’t use regularly. Other times we simply can’t afford a tool we need. The Catskills Tool Library seeks to help the community meet its own needs, while also shifting us away from the habits of consumerism.


At our first meetup on Saturday, February 17, we’ll chat about the catalog of tools, the borrowing and lending process, and more. Attendees will be invited to use this space to share any individual needs they have and connect with others in the group. Whether your tool/equipment use is residential, agricultural or otherwise, all are invited and welcome!


Questions? Contact Dara at