Death-Hi Movie Nights: Audition
Fri, Oct 28, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Bushel is pleased to turn over its space to This & That (Bushel’s wonderful next-door neighbor) on Friday nights during the month of October for their Death-Hi movie series. The final selection of the series: Audition (Japan, 1999), directed by Takashi Miike, and featuring Ryo Ishibashi and Eihi Shiina. Pre-screening lounge in the This & That garden begins at 6:15 pm. Screening starts at 7 pm at Bushel. Free to attend; seating limited to 30; mask optional. Viewer discretion, mean it!

Audition follows Shigeharu, a recently widowed businessman in search of new love. His method? A casting call. Unbeknownst to Shigeharu, his young bride is already planning a ceremony that is anything but loving. Heralded as a paragon of the torture-porn genre, those able to endure its slow burn are left with much more than a blood bath. Like the women in Audition, this is a film that feels gravely misunderstood and tragically underestimated.


Movies in the Death-Hi series were chosen with captivity in mind. Each film offers an uncomfortable perspective into people being held against their will. Whether it be a toxic relationship, a bad business deal, or Netflix binging during quarantine, we can all relate to a sense of being held captive.

–Matthew Marchese, This & That, 110 Main, Delhi.