Early-Morning Meditation with Kristie Burnett [online]
Thu, Sep 16, 6:30 am - 7:00 am

These are challenging, anxiety-making times. Coming together in stillness, silence, and meditation can help us keep grounded, connected, and nourished.

Bushel is hosting various meditation programs online. These early-morning sessions are led by Kristie Burnett and take place Monday through Friday, beginning at 6:30am, and last about 25 minutes. All levels are welcome.

Kristie Burnett describes herself as a devoted meditator and is presently posting one guided meditation a day for a total of 365 days. Kristie took her vows in Cubjac, France, committing to the dharma, the Buddha and sangha.

If it is your first time joining Kristie’s sessions, please read the guidelines below before your first session, and also text Kristie at 718-344-4138 so she can add you to her list for any necessary communications with the group.

Join Early Morning Meditation via Zoom
Meeting ID: 576 806 5248
Passcode: 1iBlc2

Guidelines from Kristie:

1. Sign on with link above a few minutes early because we will begin promptly at 6:30am. Enter the space ready to sit.
2.  Make sure you are warm enough, so wear sweaters and have a blanket on your lap.
3.  Kristie will mute the group to limit distractions.
4. The meditation will begin with three bells and end with three bells.
4. If you arrive at 6:30am or later, you’ve missed the days sit. Nothing personal at all! You can catch the next one.
5. Your screen can be on video or audio.  Kristie’s screen video will be on.

*We also offer Thursday morning sessions facilitated by Molly Yakusan Stevens, which last 45 minutes and incorporate two 15-minute long meditation sessions, with an opportunity for questions and check-ins in between.

Meditation sessions are free and open to all, but donations are welcome to support this program.

Donate via PayPal or credit card
Donate via Venmo (write “Meditation with Kristie” in the Notes section)
Thank you for the support!