Moving Towards Liberation through the Body: a workshop led by Ali Shockey
Wed, Feb 07, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Three Sessions: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:15 Feb 7, 14, 21

Artist and soma practitioner Ali Shockley will lead this 3-session workshop to introduce core principles of Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and related modalities, and to consider along with participants the ways these and other healing modalities might help move us in the direction of collective liberation.

Throughout the sessions, as we work with our individual and collective somas, we will devise practices that call upon our own bodies to help us process—and invite in the transformation of—intergenerational, sociopolitical, and structural trauma. Beginning with the individual soma by practicing modalities of self-care, we will move into exploring the collective soma by practicing methods of collective care.

During a time of immense global upheaval, imperialistic violence, separatism, and anthropocentric crisis, it feels vital to be creating space where we can learn to reconnect with our bodies and practice intentional communal care. Learning and practicing these methods will support us as we are challenged to adapt to the inevitable changing conditions of planet earth, and as we move through and begin to live more reciprocally in a world that we want to cohabitate. There will be space for participants to offer their voices, share ideas, and for all of us to show up authentically as ourselves in a supportive environment. Ideally, the workshop will transition to an ongoing monthly communal co-learning space for interested community members to continue the exploration of sharing somatic healing methodologies and practice facilitation that will move us closer to collective liberation.

The three sessions will build on each other, but it is not necessary to attend them all. Please do rsvp before the first session you plan to attend, using the form below.

Cost: $10-$15 (sliding scale) per session; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Ali Shockey is an interdisciplinary artist and soma practitioner working with embodied movement, performative processing, and crafting communal spaces for creative world visioning, inside out transformation, and mobilizing around socio-political action. They attended Oberlin College where they received their BA in studio art and thereafter moved to New York City where they taught art through forest education in public green spaces throughout the city. They have been facilitating workshops in the arts and somatic experiencing since 2016. Having attended graduate school for clinical social work at Silberman School for Social Work, they left the metropolitan area and discovered the beautiful landscape of the Catskill mountains. Ali is eager to get to know the local community in Delhi, contribute their practice, and learn from others in a reciprocal exchange of resources and care.

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