Race & the Machine: a Talk with Fernando Delgado [online]
Wed, Mar 10, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

This GetWoke! presentation features a talk by Fernando Delgado who will discuss key contemporary issues that have emerged at the intersection of AI and race.

Automated decision systems have been shown to replicate, and even exacerbate, racially disparate outcomes in a variety of contexts including criminal sentencing, credit scoring, hiring, and policing. The complicated and fraught relationship between AI and race extends decades back in fact and is set to grow even more gnarly in the decades to come. Delgado will set these critical issues within a larger historical context to help us assess the possible futures to come.

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Fernando Delgado is technologist and PhD candidate at the School of Computing and Information Sciences at Cornell University. His academic work focuses on formalizing frameworks for holistic design and evaluation in AI systems development. His doctoral research is funded by the MacArthur and Russell Sage foundations. In addition to his academic research, Fernando is currently working with the Federation of American Scientists on developing AI-related policy ideas for the incoming Biden-Harris administration. Fernando was born and raised in Chicago to Colombian-American parents. Before laying down roots in the Catskills, Fernando called a variety of places home including New York, San Francisco, Mumbai, and Paris.

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