still from "Private"

[Screening] “Private” (Saverio Costanzo, 2004) and “Arna’s Children” (Juliano Mer Khamis, 2004)
Sat, Mar 16, 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This event is hosted by Bushel’s reading group that began by reading A Land With A People.

For this fourth meeting, the facilitator for our first session, Rebecca Manski, will return to host a screening and discussion of two films from 2004, “Private” (Saverio Costanzo, 2004; 1h 30m) and “Arna’s Children” (Juliano Mer Khamis, 2004; 1h 24m).

We will have a break between the two films for food, feel free to bring something to eat to add to the table.

Mohammed (Mohammed Bakri), a Palestinian teacher, lives with his family in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. When violence erupts near their house, Mohammed refuses to evacuate, despite the fears of his wife, Samia (Areen Omari). Israeli soldiers occupy the residence’s top floor, arousing the hatred of their son, Yusef (Amir Hasayen), and daughter, Mariam (Hend Ayoub), who spies on the men. Despite being given freedom to leave, Mohammed insists that his family stick together in their house.

When Israeli soldier Arna Mer-Khamis marries Palestinian Saliba Khamis in the 1950s, she becomes an activist for Palestinian human rights. Moving to Jenin, a city in the Palestinian West Bank, Arna opens a theater center for children. This documentary shows her work from 1989 to 1996, then returns in 2002 after Arna’s death to see how the children she mentored turned out. Many of them are dead, having turned to violent militancy after years of frustration with Israeli occupation.