[Talk] Headed for Extinction (& What To Do About It), with Dr. Art Weaver
Thu, Mar 05, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Come hear some straight talk about the climate crisis and learn what others are doing and what we can do here in our community. How close are we to extinction? It may come faster than you think. But there’s an exciting new worldwide movement of people who refuse to ‘go gentle into that good night.’ For some, that means blocking roads; for some it’s laptops, emails, and meetings; for some it’s supporting a relative or friend on the front lines. All of this is building towards the dramatic changes needed to avert a climate catastrophe.

Dr. Art Weaver, a local coordinator for Extinction Rebellion (XR), will present the XR talk “Headed for Extinction (& What To Do About It).” Free and open to the public. This program is sponsored by Transition Catskills.

See you at the revolution!

Dr. Art Weaver is an MD who holds a PhD in Biochemistry. He is a former Cornell University lecturer and founder of Renovus Solar in Ithaca, New York.