The Frontier Proxy [livestream lecture]
Thu, Dec 16, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

In conjunction with the exhibition “Test Launch: A Prototype of a Space Age Museum,” Bushel is pleased to host a live streaming of “The Frontier Proxy: Material Links between Astronomical Illustration and the Western Tropes of the American Space Age, 1944–1987,” a National Air and Space Museum seminar on contemporary science, technology, and culture, led by historian Lois Rosson.

How did we begin, and why do we continue, to regard the cosmos as a type of frontier landscape? Rosson argues that descriptions and visual representations of space as an outcrop of the American West multiplied at the start of US participation in the global Cold War, and were scientifically codified over the course of the Space Age. This talk traces the development of Space-Age astronomical illustration, and how illustrators reworked Western landscapes into neutral scientific proxies for the space environment.

Peter Kleeman, curator of the current “Test Launch” exhibition, will lead a discussion after the seminar, and speak about some of the works from his family’s collection on view in the exhibition at Bushel.

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