Drawing from photographic images captured over a span of thirty years, |flāk||(h)wīt| Vs.|ˌinfrəˈred| serves as a retrospective of sorts, reflecting Bailey’s longstanding interests in landscape, politics, gesture, juxtaposition, and iteration, as well as his experimental attitude toward format and ground. From small-format silver gelatin prints collected in handmade boxes to large inkjet prints on canvas, rice paper, and treated aluminum foil, these hard-to-classify works (a painter’s photographs or a photographer’s paintings?) ask to be looked at and then looked at again—for the story beneath the narrative and for their multiple dramas of relation.

Christopher Bailey

|flāk||(h)wīt| Vs.|ˌinfrəˈred|

January 7–February 6, 2016
Opening Reception: January 7, 6-8pm
Open for viewing during Open Hours and events, and by appointment
Contact: bushelcollective@gmail.com