Anthony Beck / East Brook Community Farm, Walton, Steve Burnett / Burnett Farm, Bovina, Cicada / East Brook Community Farm, Walton, Sarah Connelly / Weathered Hill Farm, South Kortright, Seth Friedman / Greentopia Farm, East Meredith, Anne Hall / Crespell, Lexington, Andie Hope / East Brook Community Farm, Walton, Ryn Hartka / East Brook Community Farm, Walton, Marshall LaCount / Star Route Farm, Charlotteville, Lynn Loflin / Newton Farm Collective, Westkill, Jess Ludwicki / Echo Orchard, Hamden, Kate and Dan Marsiglio / Stony Creek Farmstead, Sea Matais / Iridescent Earth Collective, Danny Newberg / Double Dee Farm, Delancey. Curated by Tianna Kennedy / Star Route Farm

March 5 – May 1, 2022
On view during Open Hours, Bushel programs, by chance, and by appointment
(for appointments, email

Related Events:
March 13th 3-6PM: Opening Reception
March 16th 5PM-7PM: New Grange (in-person): Land access chat
April 2nd 10AM-4PM : Seed Swap & Ask-a-farmer
April 20th 5PM-7PM : New grange (in-person): Crop planning chat
May 1st 5-8PM: Closing party! Food justice fundraiser / farm clothing auction

FARM HANDS showcases the photographs, paintings, drawings, sculpture, clothing, and video work of area artist-farmers. With an aim to collapse the rural/urban binary and explode preconceived notions of farmer identity (to include queer colorful bodies), the works collected address food sovereignty, dignity/poverty, mental health, and the imminent land and climate crisis we face; they also share a orientation toward humanity and agroecology rather than techno-futurist solutions. It is our intention to honor the land we now farm and the people who once lived on and with that land, while also honoring (perhaps paradoxically) the farmers who came before us. Farmers who once were everyone: anti-renters and radicals and towing-the-line hard-working conservatives alike — all the people who have created and maintained the agricultural legacy that defines our current practices.

Here we are: urbanized-ruralists or rural-urbanists living in a storied place trying to figure out the future. Let’s have a conversation and some fun.

image: Amanda Wong, “Little Amulets.” Colored pencil on paper.