Free Store
April 6 – 14, 2024

Open Hours:

The Bushel Free Store is back, this time reimagined (along with our collaborating neighbors luck dragon) as a two-week installation, during which Bushel’s walls will be lined with tables and shelves holding quality stuff that is ready to change hands without the exchange of money.

At the free store, you don’t have to give to get. But if you’ve got stuff to give, bring it! We mean, specifically: your small-to-medium sized objects in good working condition, that stuff that hangs around because you can’t figure out what to do with it, because you know that it would be valuable to someone, just not you. The stuff you’d feel proud to give away.

Below you’ll find a loose, non-exhaustive list of categories we know will be popular. We will also have a bulletin board where larger, off-site items can be exchanged via note cards and thumb tacks and phone numbers and emails 🙂

Items (quantity within reason!) can be dropped off starting this weekend (March 30-31) and can continue to be dropped off through the run of the store. Drop off at Bushel whenever we are open, or next door with our collaborators at luck dragon. Please do not drop things off outside our doors, and understand that we might not be able to accept certain items. (Contact us if you have a question before dropping off).

* Please don’t bring clothing to the Free Store — save that for the spring Clothing Swap, which is on our schedule for April 27 *


  • books and stationery
  • art supplies
  • kitchen stuff
  • garden stuff
  • SEEDS!!!
  • herbal teas, tinctures, etc
  • small electronics, cameras, typewriters
  • musical instruments
  • cables, cables, cables
  • artwork
  • frames
  • fabrics, yarn, sewing and craft stuff

Sometimes people want to leave a donation at our swaps and free stores. This time, we’ll put a hat out to collect for local mutual aid and justice initiatives Catskills Agrarian Alliance and Delaware County Citizens for Refugee Support.