From Catskills Addiction Coalition via Delaware County Solidarity:

Friday January 15, 2021 9:00-10:00 a.m., there will be a public/zoom meeting on “The role of law enforcement in recovery friendly communities: Police reform, addiction, and mental health.” Sheriff Dumond is one of the panelists, and it’s being facilitated by Joyce St. George. (Joyce is cc’ed here; you can respond or contact her directly with questions.)  
**This could be a great opportunity to ask Sheriff Dumond your questions/share concerns about policing in Delaware County and/or the ongoing police reform committee being overseen by the county. In spite of state guidance requiring them to do so, Delaware County Board of Supervisors, and chair Tina Mole, have not scheduled any public input meetings on police reform.**

If you’d like to participate, here’s the link to register:
This is part of a week of community action, organized by the Catskills Addiction Coalition. The full schedule is available here:

Joyce St. George is a long-term community advocate in Delaware County. St. George, the first female anti-corruption investigator for the NYS Attorney General’s Office, built a training company that specialized in conflict, crisis and violence reduction for 35 years with her husband Frank Canavan. Since moving to the Catskills, St. George has used her knowledge to help businesses, schools and local governments find common ground on controversial issues, including the changing demographics of the Catskills, improving communication, and resolving conflicts. Joyce currently is an adjunct instructor at SUNY Delhi, and previously chaired Margaretville Hospital and helped establish the Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, the Margaretville Community Pantry, and the Catskills Addiction Coalition. Joyce and her husband also present leadership and community workshops on “Talking to the Other Side,” in response to tensions between political parties.”