Bushel has hosted many groups, some of which have become converted to occasional programming entities or email lists. Below you’ll find information about these groups, past and present, along with ways to connect. If you would like to express interest in one of the groups (including an interest in reviving a group listed as ‘past’) and no specific contact is listed, send us an email. (A lot of things have happened at Bushel since 2015. If you participated in or organized a group we have left off this list, please let us know!)

Active Groups
Join our mailing list and keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming events hosted by active groups.

Farm Club
The Farm Club began as a monthly meeting at Bushel gathering Catskills area farmers for unscripted social, political, and practical engagements, how-tos and a little rabble-rousing. Farmer things. Now organized by The National Young Farmers Coalition Catskill chapter, the Farm Club doesn’t always meet monthly but still hosts frequent farm tours, meetups, talks, and other programs. For more information about the National Young Farmer’s coalition please visit them on Facebook or on the web. Farm Club events are, as always, open to all farmers, farm workers, farm enthusiasts and activists.

Bushel Reading Group
Periodic short-term reading group, meeting in November and December 2023 to read A Land With a People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism.

Several Species (Mycology and Herbalism)
Several Species began as a monthly meetup, and continues as a not-quite-monthly series of individually scheduled events. The group offers a chance for herbalists, mycologists, foragers, growers, medicine makers, and those curious about any of the above to gather and talk about their projects and goals, share resources, swap materials and order supplies in bulk, geek out on plants and fungi, host teach-ins and demos, and potentially expand into drop-in community clinics, educational walks for the public, guest lectures and anything else that arises. Several Species (Spp) has its own listserv; attend an event hosted by the group or email info@bushelcollective.org to be added to the list.

New Babes
New Babes began as a monthly meetup for new parents and carers of babies (newborn to 2 years old). It continues to host occasional swaps and other events, and maintains an active WhatsApp group. To join the group, text Alyssa: 337-512-5019

WomXn for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (W.I.D.E.) meets up on Third Thursdays, 6–8:30pm, at Bushel (always check the events page to make sure there hasn’t been a change of schedule). W.I.D.E is a social-justice organization that believes in promoting the inclusion and equality of all people through education and community outreach. W.I.D.E.’s main goal is helping to expose children in Delaware County to a variety of books written by and about populations that have been historically marginalized, such as African American, LatinX, American Indian, Asian Pacific American, and LGBTQ communities. W.I.D.E. welcomes any individual who identifies with the gender pronouns she/her/hers or they/them to join the group to participate in the planning of future events and fundraising efforts. For more information about W.I.D.E., please visit their website.

Get Woke Reading Groups
Get Woke! Catskills hosts several short-term reading groups and one-time book discussions each year at Bushel. Get Woke! is organized and supported through the efforts of volunteers, non-profit organizations, students and residents in the upper Catskills region. Its primary goal is to use the arts to bring people together to work through and better understand issues around race and identity in the United States, especially within the context of rural communities. For more information about Get Woke!, please visit their website.

Delaware County Solidarity
Founded in 2016 at Bushel and now continuing as a listserv, Delaware County Solidarity is a group working to promote the awareness of local issues, advance human rights and social justice, and protect the environment through research, advocacy, information sharing, and community-wide events. Join the list here.

AI Society
AI society discussion group meets occasionally, usually around a guest lecture or special topic. The goal of AI society is not only to help us better collectively understand how AI is changing the world out there, but also to engage with the very local question of if/how we want AI to transform our ways of living and working here in the Catskills.

Past / On Hiatus

Revolutionary Feminisms Reading Group
In 2017 and 2018, Bushel hosted a reading group to discuss the contents of this reader from Communist Research Cluster. The group met every other Sunday from 3:00-5:00, with the hour from 3:00-4:00 reserved for quiet reading before the discussion began.

Knit ‘n Stitch
Knit ‘n Stitch was a regular meet-up for sewing and knitting led by Candace Egan.

Bushel Writers Group
This group began as a writing workshop led by Iris Cushing and continued for several years as a biweekly peer-led group. Currently on hiatus.

Delaware County Tabletop Gaming
A queer- and trans-affirming space open to teens aged 14–18, this group aimed to introduce local youth to the magic of tabletop gaming, while providing a safe, engaging, and fun environment. Currently on hiatus.

image: a mushroom walk led by Erwin Karl, hosted by the Several Species Mycology and Herbalism group