Jamie Cheney, Josh Riley, who are you??

Delaware County Solidarity invites you to meet the District 19 Democratic Candidates

— a yard party forum —

Monday, July 25 / 6:30-8pm
This & That, 110 Main Street
(rainy day location, BUSHEL Collective, 106 Main St.).

Got questions for the candidates? Submit them here 👉🏼 bit.ly/WhoooRU

Free and open to the public, the event will feature Jamie Cheney and Josh Riley, the two candidates for the Democratic nomination. The winner of their August 23 primary will run against the Republican nominee in newly created Congressional District 19. Given the potential of the midterm election to shift control of Congress, local Democrats are eager to identify the very best candidate to represent all Delaware County residents and preserve a Democratic majority.


Delaware County Solidarity is a group working to promote the awareness of local issues, advance human rights and social justice, and protect the environment through research, advocacy, information sharing, and community-wide events. Delco Solidarity is based in Delaware County, New York