Founded in 2015, Bushel is a nonprofit, volunteer-run, interdisciplinary collective dedicated to growing community and discourse through programming in the arts, agriculture, ecology, and action. Located on Main Street in Delhi, New York (pop. 5,117), Bushel is an exploration of the relationships and conversations that can be forged in a low-population area by offering a space for exhibitions, readings, musical performances, film screenings, discussions, meetings, co-working, classes and workshops, swaps and skills shares, and other as-yet unexplored happenings. Inspired by both traditional rural meeting places and non-traditional storefront experiments, Bushel remains unwritten, indeterminate, and open-ended.

The Working Collective:
Darwin Marcus Johnson, Anna Moschovakis, Pareesa Pourian, Danniel Schoonebeek, Mary Skinner, Mina Takahashi, Christina Hunt Wood. At-large/emeritus: Sunnie Joh, Tianna Kennedy

Volunteers and Collaborators
Alyssa Matthews, Alexandra Egan, Yasmin Reshamwala, Jennifer Kabat, David Rainbird, Iris Cushing, Cheryl Clarke, Jared Fagen, Jozef Putrycz, Sheri Fabian, Natasha Schull,

How Bushel Works
Bushel is a project of If / Then Inc., a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It is maintained by a small, evolving collective of area residents who decided to take a chance on a non-commercial endeavor in a Main Street storefront. While we have agreed to volunteer our time and to split the cost of rent and utilities when monthly revenues don’t meet overhead, our goal—sometimes met, sometimes not—is for Bushel to be fully self-supported from a combination of: suggested donations collected at events and workshops, commissions on the sale of art and books, proceeds from renting the space, and contributions and grants. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us at If you’d like to make a contribution, you can donate online (we thank you!). Also, valuable support starts with coming to Bushel events and spreading the word.

Affiliated (to be continued):

Organizations & collaborators
The 607 CSA
Star Route Farm
Catskills Unity
Hobart Women’s Writers Festival
Delaware County Citizens for Refugee Support
Young Progressives of Delaware County
Delaware County Solidarity
Antiracist Catskills
Fair for All

Neighbors, friends, fellow travelers
Argos Books
Bollinger Motors
Dandelion Wine
The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

Hobart Book Village
Lindner’s Cider
Ommegang Brewery
PEN Poetry Series
Rachel’s Framing and Fine Art
Siglio Press
Sunview Luncheonette
Tamlin Jewelry
This & That / John’s Flea
Ugly Duckling Presse
The Watershed Post