From NO OD NY: Overdose Prevention Centers (OPCs) are sites where people may use illegal drugs under the supervision of trained staff in order to reduce the risk of death, disease, and incarceration. Governor Cuomo promised an activist coalition that he would greenlight OPCs in Ithaca and New York City in 2018. The pilot program remains unauthorized.

This July, Ryan Carson and a team of activists will walk more than 350 miles across New York state in order to pressure Governor Andrew Cuomo to authorize Safe Injection Facilities in New York state. Along the way, they will host town halls and other public events in order to foster dialogue about the opioid epidemic and raise awareness about the life-saving potential of Safe Injection Facilities. They will stop in cities across the state that have been hard hit by the opioid epidemic, connecting with New Yorkers whose lives have been forever changed by this crisis.

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