Hello all,

My partner and I are preparing to go pod-up with a friend who is in need of support upstate. We’ve been at the protests, however, so we are needing to find a place to quarantine for 14 days before it is safe to do so. We are looking to go somewhere on or around June 17th, for 14 days.  

Our needs for while we are there are reliable wifi (we are both working from home), a kitchen (we will arrive with all our groceries), and at least one bedroom with a door (so we can work in two separate spaces during the day).  

We also have a 9 yo dog, Billie Jean, who’s a boston terrier. This is why we can’t simply quarantine in our apt in Brooklyn–because we have to take her out 3x a day, and we live on high floor in a huge building. She doesn’t scratch or chew things, and she barely sheds (short fur). She is reactive to other animals though, so if there’s a free-range dog on the property we’d have to coordinate when to take her out. Also we’ll need to be able to keep the space under ~85 degrees for her, but I doubt we will need an AC for that in June in the Catskills. She sleeps in a crate at night.   Just a little about us, my partner Laura and I both work in higher education. I’ve lived rurally before and am comfortable doing so–I grew up in Maine. Although I’ve lived in NYC on and off for 17 years, I just moved back last summer.   Thank you so much again for your help, we really appreciate it. Please let me know if there are any other questions you have.   Emily emilyallenpaine@gmail.com