BUSHEL’s nonprofit gallery shows work by emerging and established artists, with an emphasis on artists connected to the region; artists and groups with politically engaged practices; artists who work at intersections of image and text; and collaborations. A complete list of artists who have shown or are scheduled is below. Please visit our Current, Past, and Upcoming pages for exhibition listings. Open calls are listed periodically, and you can submit your work at any time to be considered for upcoming exhibitions (please be aware that response time can be slow). Join our mailing list for updates, and please come by to see the current show!


Mark Allen
Eric Amling
Desiree Aspiras
Holly Anderson
John Ashbery
Daisy Atterbury
Richard Barlow
Anthony Beck
Rijard Bergeron
Alina Bliumis
Jeff Bliumis
Elizabeth Bonaventura
Marco Breuer & Mina Takahashi
Ken Buhler
Steve Burnett
Dara Cerv
Rebecca Chamberlain
Youmna Chlala
Nik Clifford & Jenny Miles
Kevin Caplicki
Todd Colby
Colie Collen
Sarah Connelly
Zachary Cummings
Iris Cushing
Steve Dalachinsky
Pia Dehne
Claire Donato
Bótanica Cimarrón
Brandon Downing
Angela Dufresne
Jessica Farrell
Nathaniel Farrell
Leah Frankel
Seth Friedman
Lila Friendland
Sarah Gerard
Renee Gladman
Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves
Jacq Greyja
Willa Goettling
Molly Gore
Julia Haft-Candell
Anne Hall
Ryn Hartka
Andie Hope
Lyric Hunter
Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves
Jaclyn Guido
Jessie Henson
Elana Herzog
Jen Hofer
Haley Hughes
Izumi Inoue
Ulysses Jackson
Justseeds with Culturestrike
John Kane
L.A. Kauffman
Tianna Kennedy
Richard Kraft
Marshall LaCount
Sade LaNay
Mark Leidner
Sam Liebert
Lyn Loflin
Jeff Ludwicki
Leonardo Madriz
Kate and Dan Marsiglio
Koren Martin
Sea Matais
Marlene McCarty
Saira McLaren
Michael Milton
Amanda Monti
Saretta Morgan & Ariel Goldberg
Sahra Motalebi
Danny Newberg
Yuko Otomo
Heather Phelps-Lipton
Don Powley
Pareesa Pourian
David Rainbird
Emmalea Russo
Lisa Sanditz
Bernie Seringer, Jr.
Christine Shan Shan Hou
Ben Sisto
Buzz Spector
A.L. Steiner
Molly Stevens
Allyson Strafella
SUNY Delhi students in Architecture
Eliza Swann
Laura Taylor
Mercedes Teixido
Melissa Thorne
Mary Tremonte
Brad Trent
Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower
Anthony Van Dunk
Lewis Warsh
David Wilson
Gavin Wilson
Trevor Wilson
Christina Hunt Wood

[Organizations] The Center for Artistic Activism
Climate Strike
Dead Feminists
Draft Animal Power Network
Earth School
Extinction Rebellion
Fletcher Street Stables
Guillotine Press
How to Perform an Abortion
Invisible Hand Press
Just Seeds and Just Seeds Artists’ Coalition
Printmakers Against Racism
Space Age Museum
Women’s Studio Workshop
NYC Federation of Black Cowboys
National Young Farmers Coalition Greater Catskills Chapter