Join Farm Catskills for a one-hour presentation, ‘Local Beef In Local Schools.’ This is the inaugural event in Farm Catskills’ 2017 Farm-to-School Talk Series. Ken Jaffe and Julia Van Loon of Slope Farm to School will discuss how and why they have partnered since 2012 to bring local beef—sustainably raised and free of antibiotics and hormones—to New York state school cafeterias. Farm Catskills’ own ‘Cow to Cafeteria’ project for Delaware County schools will also be introduced. Event includes a tasting. RSVP to this event (optional). This event has a Facebook page.

Ken Jaffe has owned and operated Slope Farms in Meredith, NY for 10 years, mostly producing grass fed beef for NYC restaurants and butcher shops. For the past three years, Ken has partnered with Julia Van Loon, developing and promoting sustainable beef for New York State’s school and Institutions. He previously practiced medicine for 25 years and studied public health at Columbia.

Julia Van Loon has been a champion for School Food Reform since 2006. Julia is president of Slate Foods and partners with Ken Jaffe to bring Slope Farm to School Beef to private and institutional markets in NY State. Julia has 35 years of hospitality and food service business experience.

Image from Slope Farms