June – September 2024

Over the course of eight workshops, participants will be invited to engage in the ancient craft of handweaving as a practice in embodiment — as a way to participate and respond to life, to our environment, to pay attention, engage our senses and connect in community.

We will use the loom, playing with its many forms, as a site of exploration. A site that allows us to consider our relationship to place through the materials we weave that come from the lands we inhabit, to our ancestral lands and textile traditions, as well as to our plant, animal, elemental, and spirit kin that also weave in many forms. It also allows us to consider our relationship to both time and deep-time through rhythm, repetition, pattern, and structure.

The overarching inquiry and exploration of the workshop series is – What is a weaving? What is a Loom? This will be explored conceptually, technically, historically, and poetically, each week through making a variety of looms and also weaving on frame, table top, and floor looms that will be set up for different classes. We will be using a variety of materials from locally-sourced raw wool and yarn, to clay, fabric, rope, wire, foraged plant material, and other unusual weaving materials.

Each workshop will explore a different type of loom and a variety of materials, building upon each week and creating a continuous narrative through the series. We encourage participants to attend all 8 workshops or as many as you are able to. Workshops are completely FREE for the public thanks to a community arts grant from Roxbury Arts Group*; you must register ahead of time for each week.

Workshops will take place every other Saturday from June-September 2024, 2-5pm at Bushel Collective in Delhi, New York.

Dates are: June 15, June 29, July 13, July 27, Aug 10, Aug 24, Sept 14, and Sept 28 (this Saturday will be 10am-1pm).

There will be a culminating final exhibition on display from September 27th-30th, 2024 at Bushel Collective that will be interactive and invite the community to also participate and engage in the exploration of weaving as practice.

*This project is made possible with funds from the Delaware County Arts Grants, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered in Delaware County by Roxbury Arts Group 


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Isabella Amstrup learned to weave in graduate school at Philadelphia University where she received an M.S. in Textile Design with a focus in weaving. Her training was heavily mechanistic and industry oriented, and she found herself being driven to innovate for innovation’s sake. After several years of working in the textile industry as a designer and production weaver, she has slowly been reshaping her relationship to weaving, cultivating a personal practice, and growing increasingly curious about her body and psyche’s initial familiarity with the ancient craft of weaving.

Alongside this, Isabella has been teaching beginner and intermediate weaving workshops at Weaver House in Philadelphia for three years and studying consciousness-based modalities such as SourcePoint Therapy and BreakThrough at Succurro in East Meredith, NY. These experiences have allowed her to set aside the mechanistic training and drive to innovate, to return to and explore the basic principles of weaving in their simplicity and depth. Through her practice, she explores the origins of weaving, her ancestral textile heritages, as well as the textile and farming context of the land she inhabits through learning to farm and through building relationships with local fibers farmers in Delaware County.

Isabella is very curious about the power of craft and using one’s hands to better understand our place in the network of all things. She is eager to share this exploration of weaving with others through Weaving Club as a way to connect, create, and see what is truly possible in collaboration.