On March 4 and 5, Bushel and the Working Group on Safety and Sanctuary are co-hosting a weekend of trainings for community readiness and strategic dissent. Trainings are open to the public and free of charge. Arrive early, as space is limited.

Safety Training Workshop
Saturday, March 4, 12-2PM 
The safety training workshop will include an introduction to self-defense, guidance on how to respond to attacks whether you’re a victim or a bystander, role-playing, and practice with assertiveness and de-escalation. Led by Sarah Creider from the Center for Anti-Violence Education.

Bagel Brunch
Sunday, March 5, 1-2PM
Come meet other workshop participants over bagels and coffee.

Legal Observation Workshop
Sunday, March 5, 2-3PM
The legal observation workshop is designed for those who want to know their legal rights when protesting. It will cover what law enforcement activities to look for when monitoring a protest, and how to safely document and photograph observations. Led by Samantha Howell, President of the Albany Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and a board member with the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Capital Region Chapter.

Roundtable on community organizing
Sunday, March 5, 4:30-5PM
The facilitators from the two scheduled workshops will lead a brief roundtable discussion on key points of community organizing around social justice issues, directed toward our region’s resources and needs.

Immigrant Rights Workshop
Sunday, March 5, 4-5PM
This workshop informs New York State residents of Federal and state laws protecting immigrants, documented or not. Led by Kelly Anderson, a board member with the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Capital Region Chapter.