Many people have supported Bushel in our first two years by coming  to events, suggesting or guest-hosting programming, dropping cash donations into the donation box, and purchasing raffle tickets for our 2016 fundraiser. Though we don’t have the information to thank you all by name, we are immensely grateful to all of you! In addition, we’d like to offer big thanks to the following indispensable humans and businesses for their additional monetary and in-kind donations. We would not be here without you. And if your name should be listed here but isn’t, we would love to remedy that. Feel free to get in touch.

Sustaining Supporters
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Bonnie Ratnoff Seegmiller . Jennifer Kabat . Jeanne Ellsworth . Jehed Diamond . Irene Berkowitz . Jimmy Hickey . Christina Hunt Wood . Sunnie Joh (working collective) . Darwin Marcus Johnson (working collective) . Mina Takahashi (working collective) . Tianna Kennedy (working collective) . Mary Skinner (working collective) . Danniel Schoonebeek (working collective) . Anna Moschovakis (working collective) . Anonymous (2)

Become a supporter now.
Santiago Domenech . Michael Kaufman and Laura McClure . Caroline Martin and Robert Martin . Caitlyn Davey . Patricia Sprott . Shelby Shaw . Raeanne Giovanni-Inoue . Joan Tubridy . Alan Herman . Anthony Chase . David Capps . Robert Bollinger . John Atwood . Julian Richards . Cindy McGahee . Juliette Consigny . David Rainbird . Henrietta Statham . Ramona Sunderwirth . Natasha Schull . James Hickey . Lynne Attanasso . Raphael Schoonebeek . Marco Breuer . Christopher Ogden . Troy Selvaratnam . Pia Dehne

Supporting Businesses
Dixie’s Wine & Liquor . Siglio Press . Ugly Duckling Presse . L’ouvriere . Berry Brook Farm . Star Route Farm . Stone & Thistle Farm . Foster Built Coffee . The Stonehouse . Liza Belle Leather Goods . Brushland Eating House . BSide Ballroom . The Bull & Garland . Table on Ten . Wayside Cider House . DISH . Delhi Paint & Paper . Good Cheap Food . Rachel’s Framing and Fine Art . Tay Tea . The Blue Bee . Argos Books .