Standing policies for community-proposed events. This document contains the guidelines for events with any performer, host, or class/workshop leader who is not a member of Bushel’s organizing collective, which Bushel has agreed to schedule on its public calendar and to promote on its website, Instagram, flyers and elsewhere as a publicly accessible Bushel event.

Examples: Music concerts, readings, film screenings, classes, workshops, etc.

“Performer” refers to primary person who proposed / will present the event. “Bushel Contact” is the Bushel member who is bottom-lining the event.

Updated: August 28, 2023

Free Events
If the event is open to the public and free to attend, Bushel will put out a “suggested donation” sign ($5-$10 is the usual range) at the door and will retain the first $25–50 to come in, depending on duration and set-up/clean-up requirements, then offer additional donations of the door income to the performer/s.

Ticketed Events
Bushel retains 20% of ticket sales. We will set up online bookings and absorb the fees associated with online ticket sales. Note: We recommend not exceeding $20 as a ticket price for an individual event. We can set up a sliding-scale pricing scheme if requested.

For all events:

seated events: 30 seats + 15 standing room
standing events: 60 [assuming no more than 15 performers + staff; fire-code capacity is 75 bodies in the room]

Merch Sales
Merch can be sold directly by the artists and the artists keep 100% of sales.
Bushel can handle sales of merch if requested, and will retain 20% of sales if the merch is available during the event. (To stock merch at Bushel’s shop, or to have the shop pre-order books from a publishers, for instance, ask your Bushel contact for details).

Bushel cannot sell food or drink. We have beverages on hand (seltzer, wine, beer) and encourage donations to cover costs. Performers can arrange to bring in food, and/or arrange with their Bushel contact for additional or specific refreshments, at their own cost unless otherwise arranged with the Bushel contact.