SEEING THINGS poetry workshop publishes anthology

Bright Hill poetry workshop publishes new collection of poems

An opera singer, a veterinarian, an organic gardener, an oncologist, a college teacher, a golf course owner, a biologist, and fourteen other brilliant, hard-working people: what do they have in common? Poetry, of course, and the love of words led them to gather in person, then virtually, and now between the covers of Seeing Things: An Anthology of Poetry. The volume includes poems by both well known and newly published authors David Bachner, Robert Bensen, Rana Bitar, Diane Bliss, Jesse Hilson, Liz Huntington, Lynne Kemen, Annie Kuhn, Karen Miritello, Cicada Musselman, M. W. Piercy, Bertha Rogers, Liz Rosenberg, Pam Strother, Julie Suarez, Lexington Swartwood, Mary van Valkenburg, Julene Waffle, Vicki Whicker, Teresa Winchester, and Lisa Wujnovich.