SAVE THE DATE: May 1st, 2022
Time: 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Location: 19692 NY-28, Delhi, NY 13753
If you would like, please join us for the first of many gatherings.
Is to listen to and revere land and place together.
The land is calling us, so we are listening and gathering.
This is an open public place so if you’re there that day, join us!
There is spacious parking and from there, we’ll take an easy walk to the Butterfly Garden.

To remember Earth Mata Gaia.
To give thanks to her for her abundant gifts she has given us from the beginning to time.
As her offspring, we feel her presence.
Some days through her subtle soft touch of serene landscape’s while other days,
we feel her furry of her own pain through the hurricanes she imparts.
Still, we know and love her. But do we ever share and celebrate her? Today, we will.
Who are we? Us. All of us. Earth brings us together.

So if you feel this way too or, if you are unsure but would like to come by anyway, please do.

Together we’ll intend, make inquiry, pray, love her, sing, intend wholesome Earth loving thoughts.
We’ll listen. Heal. Help. Hold her in our heart of Hearts.
Deepen our relationship with her.
We are participatory, co-creative, extensions of Earth and each other.
Diane Frances and Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower