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In 2018, we released a limited edition of Cheryl Clarke’s chapbook, TARGETS, which we have reprinted in 2020. Purchase it here, or stop by Blenheim Books in Hobart, NY (where you might be able to buy your book from the author herself!)

Cheryl Clarke is a black lesbian feminist poet and the author of five books of poetry: Narratives: Poems in the Tradition of Black Women (Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, 1982), Living as a Lesbian (Firebrand Books, 1986), Humid Pitch (Firebrand Books, 1989), Experimental Love (Firebrand Books, 1993), most recently By My Precise Haircut (Word Works Press, 2016), and the chapbooks Your Own Lovely Bosom (2014) and Targets (2018). She retired from Rutgers University in 2013. Since then, she has been one of the co-organizers of the annual Festival of Women Writers in Hobart, NY, the Book Village of the Catskills. She resides in Hobart, where she and her partner operate Blenheim Hill Bookshop, one of five independent bookstores.

We have also made TARGETS available as an e-book.