Sun, Jan 03, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


On Sunday, January 3, join Los Angeles and Hamden-based artist Mercedes Teixido for three 90-minute drawing workshops in one day. Each of the distinct sections builds upon the others; take one, two, or all three. Materials provided.

$15.00 per session; $35.00 for all three. Proceeds will benefit Bushel.

Space is limited*; sessions will absolutely start on time. For adults 18 and over.
*Reserve your place for each session you want to attend by clicking on “Sign up for this session” under the session’s description, below.


Come and try something entirely new to you or build on skills you already have. Absolutely no experience necessary, just a willingness to dive in and learn from making.


SESSION I. To See and Move

Fundamentally, we have to see deliberately to be able to draw. That seeing must connect to our movements. The very basics of learning to draw will be explored in this session. The basics are always worth exploring.
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SESSION II. Illusion, Space and Perspective

It is a strange thing to be able to depict space on a flat surface. In this session we will look at the fundamentals of creating the illusion of space with materials and marks and with the use of linear perspective. There aren’t rules, just starting points; misuse is always possible. You can go far with a little knowledge.
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4pm-5:30 […]

An open exploration of process based exercises, some surrealist. Improvise, collaborate, play. There is really no telling what will happen, we will try to get over our ideas about what a “good drawing” looks like and how it happens.
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Mercedes Teixido works in the area of abstract watercolor drawings, improvisational drawing, letter writing and site-specific works. Her work takes the form of performance or object making that intimately engages specific individuals and places.

Mercedes’ family came to New York from Paraguay and settled in Wilmington, Delaware where she grew up. She graduated from Wake Forest University, with a BA in Studio Art and then received an MFA in printmaking from the University of Arizona.

She is an Associate Professor at Pomona College, a liberal arts school in the Los Angeles area. She has taught drawing and installation and performance art.
Other teaching includes courses at the Claremont Graduate University and the Instituto Superior de Arte in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows in numerous cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Asuncion, Paraguay. Her work has also been included in exhibitions in Portland Oregon, Arlington Virginia, Cleveland Ohio, Budapest Hungary and Sheffield England.

Mercedes lives and works in Claremont California and the Catskill area of New York.