Community SourcePoint Clinic from Succurro
Wed, Mar 01, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Located in East Meredith, Succurro is an emergent creative project that explores the intersections of health and creativity. In partnership with Bushel, we’re offering sliding scale sessions by practitioners in training. Sessions are 45-50 minutes long, and seek to address whatever you bring to the table, and support any other ways you address your health. While multiple methodologies may be called on in a session, the underlying intention is to bring awareness to the patterns influencing your experience (physically, mentally, emotionally) by working directly with the nervous system.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific protocols used, you can ask one of the practitioners or visit

To sign up for a session visit:

Payment by donation/sliding scale ($20-$40) by cash or card on the day of your session. All funds go directly to Fellows, less a space-use donation to Bushel. 

About the Fellows:

Rebeccah Santa Ana Stromberg — Rebeccah has devoted the last few years to studying Indigenous and other contemporary embodiment and healing practices cross-culturally both as a practitioner and a scholar. Through current training in SourcePoint, BodyTalk, and Breakthrough, she is curious about how these practices weave together with ancestral medicine practices.

Allie Townsend — Allie has lived in East Meredith for the past few years, learning about farming and animal care, and deepening her training in energy modalities for use with both animals and humans. She will begin veterinary school at Delhi this coming fall.

Isabella Amstrup — Isabella is an artist and weaver training in several modalities to work with others, with the intention to connect with spirit and hold space for complexity.

zaybra — zaybra is a dancer, artist and SourcePoint practitioner coming to healing and creativity with a somatic approach. Their focus as a practitioner is to help others access healing, to create space for people to feel safe and to cause a ripple effect of collective care.

Phoenix Lotus — Phoenix is a creative whose work focuses on ancestral communication, spiritual herbalism, and rooting in subtle/sensual connection. Their favorite ways to explore these practices are through scent-work and storytelling — creating botanical perfumes, ritual oil blends, soundscapes, and forming connections through intuitive and playful culinary practices.

Rich Whalley — After 10 years of engineering novel healthcare technologies, Rich learned the ins and outs of the American medical system which left him asking “What exactly is healthcare?” He is currently training in several modalities to deeply explore this question.