SEVERAL SPECIES: Mycology and Herbalism meetup
Mon, Jul 11, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Several Species is a chance for herbalists, mycologists, foragers, growers, medicine makers, and those curious about any of the above to gather and talk about their projects and goals, share resources, swap materials and order supplies in bulk, geek out on plants and fungi, host teach-ins and demos, and potentially expand into drop-in community clinics, educational walks for the public, guest lectures and anything else that arises, as well as collaborative site visits and meetups with Bushel’s New Grange farm club. The group meets on the second Monday of each month, from  5:00-6:30pm, either in person at Bushel or on the Bushel Zoom. Open to anyone with an interest in herbs and fungi, and in respectfully and sustainably exploring the traditions and evolving practices of working with them.

The July 11 Several Species gathering will be at Bushel, and the topic will be all things FLOWERS (especially of the “wild” variety). Bring your flower-related questions, practices, rituals, texts, and (if you want) bring flowers or things you have made with flowers. Some topics might include essences, tinctures, teas, elixirs, cordials; harvesting, drying and storing techniques; flower dyes; identification; drawing; cultivating; recipes.

All are welcome!

Join via Zoom

‘Several Species’ is the meaning of the abbreviation Spp. that is appended to botanical names when referring to multiple species of a genus at the same time