Workshop: “Writing the Natural World” hosted by The Lost Bookshop
Sun, Oct 16, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


On October 16, as part of its residency at Bushel, The Lost Bookshop is hosting a writing workshop, “Writing the Natural World”.  Writers from all levels of experience and all genres are encouraged to join. Suggested donation: $20. Register at

About the class
What would a novel written by a cloud look like? What about a poem written by a snail? And how can our understanding of these questions change the way we human animals create works of creative writing? Reading works from writers like Robin Wall Kimmerer, John Francis, and Robert Macfarlane, we will explore the role of the natural world in literature, and of literature in the natural world. Using observation and prompts we will practice de-centering the human perspective and using the natural world as a north star in creative work. Writers from all backgrounds and all genres are encouraged to join this generative workshop.

Emily Helck is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, and the owner of The Lost Bookshop in Delhi, NY. In her creative work, her primary focus is nature, and erasing the lines between humans, plants, and animals. A graduate of Rutgers University’s MFA program, her writing has been published by Bustle, ABC News, Do It Well, and other outlets.

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