Bushel is a collectively programmed, mixed-use space and we welcome proposals from the public. Please familiarize yourself first with Bushel’s structure and programming, then follow the links below to get involved. You can also explore our community groups, past present and future.

We operate a small, nonprofit gallery mounting multiple shows per year, with a focus on presenting thematically organized group exhibitions of emerging and established artists connected to the region, activist art, and art that functions at the intersections of practices and media. 

If you are a visual artist who would like to be considered for inclusion in our exhibitions, please fill in our Gallery Submission form. Please note that exhibitions are generally scheduled a year or more in advance. Join the mailing list (in the upper right corner of this site) to receive periodic calls for entries to themed group shows. Upcoming Open Calls are announced under Upcoming Exhibitions.

Proposals are welcome for one-time events, workshops or classes that fit with the Bushel mission. Fill in our Event Proposal form at least one month before the proposed event date.

The space is also available for rent when the event is private or outside the scope of Bushel’s programming (for instance: a for-profit event or workshop, or a private party). If interested, fill in our Space Rental form.

For other inquiries: info@bushelcollective.org