The Very Best of the Rural Route Film Festival, Vol. 2

Bushel is pleased to welcome a special screening from the Rural Route Film Festival.

Friday, June 24th @8pm
Introduced by Alan Webber of Rural Route
$5 suggested donation

This compilation of ten short films from the film festival’s past five years tells the epic tale of a Belgian rooster, the complicated ordeal of a Kentucky trailer park alligator, the delicately sand-animated disappearance of a young boy amongst a pack of wolves, and a visual onslaught of thousands of full-screen flowers, along with documentaries on the old world turf-cutting culture of Irish bogs, injustice in a Cambodian farming community amongst a traditional wedding, the sad secrets of a Lebanese beekeeper, a poetic look at the Ethiopian salt trade by the late Robert Gardner, a cruise ship’s Antarctic voyage, and an old Andean man’s continued journeys to harvest ice from the tallest volcano in Ecuador. View the full line-up HERE, and check out the trailer HERE.