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Welcome to the beta version of Bushel’s Community-Sourced Bulletin Board. You can browse the board using the tags below the postingss. You can submit to the board on the submissions page, but please read this page and take a look at the board first.

We are highlighting the amazing efforts of trusted local news and resource organizations under the tab CORE LOCAL NEWS / RESOURCES. We urge you to use these professional resources for the most up-to-date, reliable information. We also have a Mutual Aid Networks category to help boost the signal of nearby networks that are being organized. It includes links to guidelines for setting up a network in your neighborhood.

Otherwise, this is an experimental, lightly moderated page for sharing resources, distant-socializing events, volunteer and aid opportunities, and the like. We will fact-check when we can, and we will make sure no spam gets through (which means your post may be delayed for up to a day or two), and we reserve the right not to post listings. We cannot verify the truth or safety of user-submitted information; when following leads from this board, please use your best judgment, and cross-reference.

When offering a submission, please select the category or categories that best fit. Be brief, and focus on linking to resources when possible.

Thank you all for participating — this is a work in progress which will respond to need and use. We welcome your ideas at