MAIL ART ROULETTE: an artist-supported fundraiser for local food banks
Mon, May 04 - Mon, May 11, All Day


Update: Together we raised over $6,200 with Mail Art Roulette, which was distributed to food banks in Walton, Delhi, Margaretville, Stamford, and Andes/Bovina, as well as to Star Route Farm and The 607 CSA to support their donations to local food banks. Thank you to everyone who participated! View a  slide show of some of the mail art that participants made and received here.

From May 4 through May 11, join artist Angela Dufresne, Bushel, and 60+ contributing artists to help raise much-needed funds for the food banks that are supporting Delaware Country residents hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of proceeds will go to the food banks, with a portion dedicated to add fresh local produce to their offerings. On Monday evening, May 11 from 8-9pmEST, Angela Dufresne will host a closing ‘video-thon’ event with streaming performances by Jennifer Coates & David Humphrey, Tim Davis, Darien Brahms, Guy Richards Smit & Rebecca Chamberlain, and who knows what else — tune in to see!

What is Mail Art Roulette? The artists on the list below have very generously agreed to donate a piece of mail art to the first 66 people who contribute $50 or more to the fund. Donors and artists will be matched by random draw, and the pieces will be mailed through our beloved (and beleaguered) US Postal Service.

Contributing Artists
Polly Apfelbaum . Michele Araujo . Richard Barlow . Hannah Barrett . Martin Basher . Hannah Beerman . Alina Bliumis . Jeff Bliumis . Elizabeth Bonaventura . Lee Boroson . Marco Breuer . Mary Carlson . Geoff Chadsey . Rebecca Chamberlain . Leona Christie . Jennifer Coates . Liz Collins . Lisa Corinne Davis . Tim Davis . EV Day . Pia Dehne . Nancy Diamond . Angela Dufresne . Joy Episalla . Louise Fishman . Leah Frankel . Chie Fueki . Tamara Gayer . Nick George . Melinda Stickney Gibson . Gary Gissler . Judy Glanztman . Tamara Gonzales . Danny Goodwin . Chris Gould . David Graham . Kirsten Hassenfeld . Jessie Henson . Michael HerstandElana Herzog . Sharon Horvath . Holly Hughes . David Humphrey . Mala Iqbal . Debera Johnson . L.A. Kaufman . Richard Kraft . Kevin Larmon . Jonathan Lethem . Charles Long . Jason Bailer Losh . Saira McLaren . Ryan Mrozowski . Bridget Mullen . Itty Neuhaus . Kate Newby . Annie NocentiBobbie Oliver . Gerry Gomez Pearlberg . Pareesa Pourian . Don Powley .  J. Morgan Puett . Helen Quinn . Jeff Quinn . Lisa Sanditz . Katia Santibanez . James Siena . Adam Simon . Guy Richards Smit . Margot Spindelman . Patricia Sprott . A.L. Steiner . Susannah Stern . Molly Stevens . Marc Swanson . Kamilla Talbot . Laura Taylor . Mercedes TeixidoMelissa Thorne . Brian Tolle . Jim Torok . Nicola Tyson . Chuck Webster . David Wilson . Trevor Wilson . Christina Hunt Wood . Carrie Yamaoka . Amy Yoes


Monday, May 11 – CLOSING EVENT 
8pm (EST)
with performances by Tim Davis, Jennifer Coates, David Humphrey, Guy Richard Smit, Rebecca Chamberlain, Darien Brahms. Hosted by Angela Dufresne! Details here to join the event online.

Tim Davis (born 1969 in Malawi) is an American visual artist and poet. His photographic work delves into formal aspects of photography (light and abstraction) as well as socially engaged documentary. He is the author and subject of several books, including Lots, Permanent Collection and My Life in Politics, plus a book of poetry titled American Whatever.
Represented by Greenberg Van Doren Gallery and Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in New York City, Davis teaches in the photography program at Bard College. He was awarded the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome in 2007. He lives and works in Tivoli, New York.
David Humphrey (born August 30, 1955) is an American painter, art critic, and sculptor associated with the postmodern turn in painting that began in the late 1970s.[1][2] He is best known for his playful, cartoonish, puzzling paintings, which blend figuration and abstraction and create “allegories” about the medium of painting itself.[3] Humphrey holds a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (1977) and a MA from New York University (1980), where he studied with film critic Annette Michelson;[4] he also attended the New York Studio School from 1996 – 1997.[5] He has been the recipient of many awards including the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002, the Rome Prize in 2008, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Purchase Award in 2011.[6] He was born in Augsburg Germany and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.[7] He lives and works in New York City.[8]
Jennifer Coates‘ metaphysical paintings utilize the conventions of landscape as a vehicle for hallucinatory visions and psychological spaces. Expanses of sky or sea coalesce into reflective pools of paint; intricate geometric galaxies warp into ecstatic vortexes, and tiny specs of color form clusters of luminescent light. She contrasts atmospheric radiance with meticulous detail, and iconic directness with allusive abstraction. Varied painterly approaches are positioned against each other to create a disjunctive but idealistic experience of place. Her dense black and white ink drawings delineate haunting woodlands and rocky passages that we want to cautiously and carefully explore. Coates’ magical works echo the immenseness and mystery of the stars at night, the smallest natural wonders around us, and her own inner cosmologies. With a sense of awe, and somehow connected to the crevices of our minds, we wish to follow the alluring pathways of her imagination. Coates lives and works in New York City and Pennsylvania and has exhibited frequently since earning an MFA from Hunter College in 2001. She has taught at RISD, MICA, Columbia University and beyond.
Guy Richards Smit (born 1970) is an American performance artist, painter, and singer-songwriter in the band Maxi Geil! & PlayColt. He has shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and in London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Valencia, Paris,[1] Dublin, and Havana, among other places. He is represented by Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.[2] more recent visual arts project-A series of humorous takes on the memento mori, Mountain of Skulls emerged from frustration while Smit was waiting for post-production work on his Grossmalerman videos. The imagery harks back to the artist’s time on a school trip while at the Rietveld Academie, right after the 1989 Velvet Revolution, to the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora, in a part of Czechoslovakia that is now Slovakia. The skulls of those who died in the Black Death and 15th century Hussite Wars evoked for Smit the deaths of everyday people and whole towns wiped out by modern genocide. He decided to make a town’s worth of skulls with individual captions like “Infinitely Reasonable,” “Dull But Kind,” and “Total Dick,” creating an installation of 60 of the small gouache and watercolor paintings on paper for the Pulse Art Fair in Miami Beach.[33] Online magazine Crave wrote that the series, painted in a range from constrained to loose, “stole the show.” Smit’s gallerist related that the work was “a mediation on vanitas, power, desire, and failure” and noted the installation’s popularity with selfie takers.[32] Smit will present over 100 in the series for his forthcoming show at Charles James Gallery in Los Angeles.
Rebecca E. Chamberlain is a visual artist and vocalist in the New York art band Maxi Geil! & Playcolt. She has exhibited her work in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Jersey City, Amsterdam and Bologna, Italy, and been reviewed in the New York TimesArtforumArt in America, Tema Celeste and Flash Art.[2]
Darien Brahms is a singer-songwriter-musician originally from Portland, Maine. She now resides in Baltimore where she is getting her PhD in Global Interaction and Exchange (which is a fancy way of saying the history of U.S. imperialism). In the summertime, she often can be found taking up couch space at Angela Dufresne’s place in the Catskills.

Thank you — and thanks to all the contributing artists — for joining us to support our local food pantries. 100% of proceeds will be distributed to Delaware County food banks including The Community Pantry in Margaretville and Delaware Opportunities (which supports pantries county-wide). A portion of proceeds will be used to bring fresh produce directly from Star Route Farm (Charlotteville) to the food banks.